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The Bacon-Manito (BacMan) geothermal field is situated in the Pocdol volcanic range in southeastern Luzon, midway from the active volcanoes of Mayon and Bulusan. These volcanoes are part of the Bicol Arc, a northwest-trending chain of Late tertiary-Quaternary eruptive centers associated with the subduction of the Philippine Sea plate along the northern edge of the Philippine Trench.

The San Vicente-Linao fault, a splay of the Philippine fault, is believed to extend beneath the Pocdol range. This volcanic range covers an area of about 400 square kilometers, and consists of several coalescing andesitic cones aligned along an east-west trend. Strongly disected volcanic landforms characterize western and central Pocdol range.

The eastern end of the range, in contrast, is dominated by morphologically young volcanic cones of Mts. Pangas, Pulog, and Rangas. Mt Pangas, with a summit elevation of 1,082 m ASL, is the highest volcanic edifice in the Pocdol range. More than 560 kms southeast of Manila, BacMan straddles the town of Manito in Albay province and the city of Sorsogon in Sorsogon province. BacMan may be reached from the north through Manito town, about 50 kms east of Legazpi City. From the south, access to BacMan is through a 12-km all-weather road explored.  The field is developed and managed entirely by Filipino technical personnel of EDC. BacMan is the third commercial geothermal steamfield in Luzon.

BacMan included the 110 MW BacMan I power plant in Palayang Bayan, the 20 MW BacMan II power palnt in Cawayan, and the 20 MW BAcMan II Botong power plant. The latest infrastructure component of BacMan is the Manito geothermal livelihood project which produces 1.5 MW gross for electricity and multi-crop drying.